Congratulations to Royal Surrey Consultant Surgeon, Wissam Abou Chedid, who has graduated as a Prostate Cancer UK Clinical Champion.

As part of the 18-month long leadership programme, Wissam developed two successful improvement projects that are having a nationwide impact.

Working with colleagues in the hospital’s Stokes Centre of Urology, he launched same day discharge and self-removal of catheters for patients having prostatectomies (removal of the prostate gland).

Wissam said: “When I interviewed for the Champions programme, I put forward my ideas for the two improvement projects and the charity were interested and enthusiastic. With the support of the Urology team, both projects have proved extremely successful. The self-removal of catheter has been adopted by hospitals in London, Southampton, Maidstone and Eastbourne.”

Since the launch of the projects, around 175 patients have benefited from same-day discharges following a prostatectomy, and about 525 patients opted to self-remove their own catheter following their surgery, rather than returning to hospital to have it removed in clinic.

Feedback from patients has been positive for both projects. The benefit of same day discharge is that it allows patients to recover in the comfort of their own homes, and helps the Trust better utilise its resources. The option for a self-removal of catheter gives patients more privacy, enhances their dignity and reduces pressure on clinic times.

A second member of the dynamic and innovative Urology team has also joined the charity’s Champions programme, thanks to encouragement from Wissam. Maria Innes, Clinical Nurse Specialist, was selected for the programme’s third cohort of clinicians. She is now setting up a rehabilitation project for patients and looking at how patients can self-manage follow-up testing after surgery.

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