Help Us Fight Prostate Cancer

Current Research

Our aim is to give men a better chance of beating prostate cancer. And it’s through funding research that we will make this happen. Over the last two decades we’ve funded some major breakthroughs in prostate cancer research, conducted at University of Surrey. And thanks to your support, we are now helping to fund the cancer research team’s current work on four major research projects to further the fight against prostate cancer, in particular advanced prostate cancer:

You can read about these projects below.

Past Research

The team is recognised as a centre of excellence for cancer immunotherapy, using viruses and vaccines to stimulate the immune system to identify and kill cancer. Your support has helped the team build up its expertise and funded key pieces of cutting-edge technology such as the Vectra Polaris. We were also able to fund a study, the Sun Study, which is an internationally accessed biobank of blood and urine samples that has changed knowledge of prostate cancer genetics.