Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist

The work of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) can vary from hospital to hospital but they have a fundamental role in the provision of ongoing care and support for men and their families following diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The CNS work closely with the hospital consultants and other members of the medical team and will often be the first point of contact that men will have with the hospital once referred by their GP. They will continue to be available for advice and support from referral through to diagnosis and during subsequent investigation and treatment. In addition to arranging appointments and tests and carrying out results and review clinics, many CNS complete advanced training to acquire the skills necessary to undertake prostate examination and biopsy.

Patients coming to hospital for the first time or after they have been diagnosed with prostate cancer are often very worried and apprehensive. They are looking for reassurance as well as information and advice about their specific areas of concern. The CNS is a key link between the patient, the medical team and any local prostate cancer support group to ensure that patients and their family have access to the help and support they need during such a life-changing event.

How to contact your CNS

There are professional Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses at both the Royal Surrey County Hospital (01483 571122) and at Frimley Park Hospital (01276 604604) who are happy for you to get in touch.  Here are photos of three of our CNS who those newly diagnosed with prostate cancer are likely to meet: