Help Us Fight Prostate Cancer

Learning You Have Prostate Cancer

Being told that you have got cancer can be a life changing event. Your emotions may vary from despair, fear, anger and denial. The first reaction is “Why me?” It may be difficult to focus on the many decisions you have to make about which treatment to undergo and when to begin that process. However, any reluctance in dealing with the disease should be banished: you need to remain positive. Most importantly, you have to ask your Consultant the relevant questions. Where possible, we suggest that you take your partner, a family member or a friend with you when you go for a consultation, as it will not be easy to remember everything that is said. Here is a list of useful questions to ask:

We know that every journey is different, but we can help you with advice, guidance, practical tips and support, making it all seem a little less scary for you, and those that love you. Our patient-led support group can help answer your questions, and introduce you to people that have experienced the same shock that you are feeling right now.  Many men (and their families) find they gain much comfort, confidence and encouragement from talking to others who are either living with or have been cured of prostate cancer.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support group if you want to talk with someone who understands: