Help Us Fight Prostate Cancer

An active lifestyle

Exercise protects against some cancers and other diseases. Recent research, at Surrey University and elsewhere, suggests that a higher level of physical activity may help to reduce your risk of aggressive prostate cancer and it is strongly recommended by most medical professionals.

For men on some hormone treatments, regular exercise can help to reduce bone thinning (osteoporosis) and also help to maintain a healthy weight. Also exercise can have an important psychological impact in lifting mood and helping men cope with the side effects of treatment.

It is recommended that you try to include 30 minutes of moderate exercise as part of your daily routine; but that is not always possible and any exercise is better than none.

Photo fitness laptop and retirement with couple in living room in virtual class for health yoga or exercise internet workout and pilates with old man and elderly woman training in home gym for wellness

Free fitness classes for cancer recovery

Another Guildford based charity, Topic of Cancer works with ThriveFit, to support people living with or recovering from cancer. They provide free exercise sessions in person or on Zoom delivered by expert trainers, specifically designed to improve strength, fitness and mobility in an unintimidating environment. These sessions are highly recommended for people at all levels of treatment or fitness. There are 5 classes a week, including Pilates, and care is taken to ensure that members attend a class that suits their level.

Weekly Cancer-Rehab Zoom Timetable

Mon        1:15pm     Chair Yoga
Mon        6:45pm    Back to Fitness
Weds      10.30am   Pilates
Thurs      11.00am   Qi Gong
Friday     10.30am  Back to Fitness

If you would like to talk about the classes, just e-mail or phone for a chat.  To find out more about the classes, visit the Thrive Fit website here