A new treatment option for men with bothersome urinary symptoms due to a benign enlargement (BPH) of their prostate gland, began this month at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. The technique called Rezũm uses steam injected from the specialist device through the waterpipe, (urethra), into the enlarged prostate tissue under anaesthetic. The steam destroys the prostate tissue without affecting the urethra and so removes the obstruction. This quick procedure is performed as a day case, and patients are discharged with a temporary urinary catheter which is removed after a few days.

It is a minimally invasive approach with little interference on sexual function and for selected patients is an ideal solution to improve their urinary symptoms. Rezũm will be offered to the many patients awaiting more conventional prostate surgery at the Royal Surrey. The service will be delivered through the dedicated urology theatre in the Stokes Centre for Urology. Professor Langley, Professor of Urology said, “This fantastic new technique offers patients a short day case procedure with few side effects and for many it will be a welcome alternative to more conventional surgery. It is only used to treat benign, non-cancerous prostate glands and compliments well the many modern therapies we can now offer patients with bothersome urinary symptoms at the Royal Surrey”.

Prof Langley and his colleague Mr Dimitrios Moschanos, Consultant Urologist, have been looking to begin this service since early in 2020, but Covid-19 unfortunately delayed the start. However, with many men now on the waiting list for prostate surgery, this novel steam treatment will be a great advance in the care that can be offered to them.

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