Royal Surrey Charity hosted an engagement event at 11 Downing Street to thank supporters, and engage new audiences with, the charity’s Cancer and Surgical Innovation Campaign.

Prostate Project Trustee Robin Smith, Founder and Ambassador Colin Stokes and his wife Barbara, with support from members of the hospital Surgical Department, enjoyed an informative and inspiring event within a prestigious setting.  Attendees included Jeremy Hunt MP, who kindly organised the event, Angela Richardson MP, Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive of NHS England and Louise Stead, Chief Executive Officer for Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust.

Jeremy Hunt, Louise Stead and Royal Surrey Consultant John Stebbing spoke in detail about the new facility, which will treat up to 7,000 more patients a year.

Robin Legge, Head of Fundraising at Royal Surrey Charity, said: “We are incredibly grateful to everyone who attended the event, especially members of our surgical team, who spent the evening discussing their work and the significant benefits that the new surgical centre will offer to our patients in the future.

“The fundraising campaign has raised over £360,000 to date. However, we have a long way to go to meet the equipment and technology needs of the new centre. Events like this will help open up new opportunities and raise the profile of the campaign.

“We would like to thank everyone who attended, represented Royal Surrey and contributed to a very enjoyable and successful event.”

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