Cancer patients waiting in the Stokes Centre for Urology at the Royal Surrey County Hospital were entertained by the soothing sounds of the Kora, a West African musical instrument played by Rudy Green.

Rudy’s performance is part of an innovative project set up by staff in the Stokes Centre to provide a live music experience for patients waiting to be seen for their appointments.
The project is the result of staff putting their heads together to create inspiring ways of improving patients’ experience.

Over the next few months, the Centre will welcome a variety of musicians playing the piano, harp and other instruments. With thanks to Music in Hospitals & Care Charity for funding the events.

Pictured above, from left to right: Professor Stephen Langley, Professor of Urology and Prostate Project Trustee. Director of Cancer Services at Royal Surrey. Rudy Green, Helen Blocke, Specialty Manager for Urology and Gynae Oncology, and Penelope Makrykosta, Nurse Manager, Stokes Centre for Urology.

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