On 21 May Royal Surrey surgical teams recently carried out an astonishing 12, robotically assisted radical prostatectomies in a single day, breaking the existing world record and significantly reducing the waiting list for surgery.

Five surgeons and four theatre teams performed the operations back-to-back, minimising turnaround time and helping treat more patients.


Matthew Perry, Consultant Urological Surgeon and Clinical Director of Urology and Prostate Project trustee said:

“It is testament to the fantastic team that we have here in Guildford that we have been able to achieve this feat. It has involved an incredible amount of planning from many different departments.’’



Consultant surgeon Wissam Abou Chedid added: “In a single day we have significantly reduced our waiting list and 12 men who were anxiously awaiting surgery have received the care they need.

“No cases were rushed and the operations themselves took the same amount of time. We were just able to reduce the turnaround time between each patient.”

From a charity perspective this initiative demonstrates one of the core reasons behind building the Stokes Centre for Urology. The quality of the facilities, that are supported by our donors and fundraisers means that the Royal Surrey can attract leading surgeons and consultants to Guildford.

It is also worth noting that this initiative helped to cut our waiting list by more than 25%…a truly magnificent effort.

You can read more in this BBC News article




Surgeon Matthew Perry said it involved an incredible amount of planning and a “fantastic” team

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