Our chair, Martin Davies was delighted to receive a cheque for £3117.82 from Michael Ashworth and Glen Vaal – joint organisers of the Roger Nicklin Tribute Evening held on Dec 2nd 2023 at Shalford Village Hall.

Martin, who attended the show, gave us the following account of the evening: “An excellent curry was served before the music started. Headliners Sultana were supported by the blues duo Paul & Glen, who kicked off proceedings , followed by the Skidmarks (featuring the RGS Brass Band).  Prior to Sultana the raffle prizes were announced, and an auction of generously donated prices was held.

Each act delivered a mesmerizing performance featuring genres such as blues, rock, R&B, and pop. Each created a vibrant atmosphere, captivating the audience from start to finish. Paul & Glen’s soulful vocals were followed by the Skidmarks’ energetic beat which blended harmoniously with the powerful brass arrangements from RGS. Sultana then brought their own musical synergy to a range of classics, leaving the crowd with an unforgettable night of soul-stirring tunes and lively rhythms”.

Sounds like is was a fantastic evening, and a very fitting tribute to Roger Nicklin.

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