Watch our animation demystifying some myths about testing for prostate cancer and encouraging every man over the age of 50 to visit their GP and ask for a PSA blood test:


One of the challenges that many charities face is how to get their message across to different ‘audiences’. Those with large marketing budgets can of course rely on TV advertising or expensive PR campaigns…and jolly good luck to them we say.


Those of us with slightly less deep pockets have to rely on other ways to share news and spread awareness. Thankfully here at the Prostate Project with have a fiercely loyal and extremely motivated group of friends and supporters that we can call on for help.


It also does no harm whatsoever when a major corporate partner comes to us with what can only be described as a brilliant idea.


Step forward and take a bow, K2 Consultancy.


K2 work with lots of companies in the construction industry, in fact they name some of the largest names in the country among their clients and colleagues. Their idea was to create something that would ‘reach’ individuals within the industry, people of all ages and backgrounds that might not necessarily be aware of our core Get Tested message.


K2 not only recognised the challenge, they suggested a solution.


A 90 second animation shouting the Get Tested message, with impactful, sometimes forceful statistics and stark facts, something that could be quickly recognised and immediately grasped whether viewed at a building site, in a boardroom or at a conference.


The finished animation can be viewed here, we would urge anybody reading this blog or seeing the message on social media to please share, share, share.


Remember, if caught early, prostate cancer is usually curable.


A word of thanks should also go to the brilliant creatives at Square Daisy, the animation studio based in Redhill Surrey for their remarkable work.


K2 get the message, we hope you do too.





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