Help Us Fight Prostate Cancer

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The Stokes Centre at Royal Surrey County Hospital is delivering worldclass facilities and care for prostate cancer patients, referred from across the UK and internationally.  Now our world-leading scientists based at the University of Surrey need state of the art equipment to support their innovative, ground- breaking research into advanced prostate cancer so they can save the lives of our fathers, sons, brothers and friends.

Advanced (metastatic) prostate cancer is cancer that has spread from the prostate to other parts of the body, most commonly to the bones and lymph nodes. It’s not currently possible to cure advanced prostate cancer.

Survival rates for men with advanced prostate cancer are poor; the shocking statistic is only 30% of men survive 5 years.  These men are in desperate need of our help.  Our cancer research team is focusing on developing new and better targeted treatments to help keep advanced prostate cancer under control, manage symptoms, and ultimately extend the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer.

Our team, which is located across the road from the Royal Surrey County Hospital at the University of Surrey, is at the forefront of fighting this disease.  They are working on new drugs for castrate resistant men, identifying and treating a new and difficult to diagnose type of advanced prostate cancer known as Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer, and developing innovative immunotherapy treatments (teaching the body’s immune system to seek and destroy the cancer cells).

The research team have explained the urgent need for an Incucyte live-cell analysis machine. The Incucyte allows researchers to study complex immune – tumour cell interactions or the effects of a new drug or virus on the cancerous tumour cells, all in real-time. This technology provides high reproducibility of data, helping to fast-track the research the team is conducting with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for men with prostate cancer, faster.