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Black African & Caribbean Men and Prostate Cancer

  • 1 in 4 African Caribbean men will get prostate cancer compared to 1 in 8 white men.
  • Reason is unknown but may be linked to inherited genes
  •  Early diagnosis is vital. 80% of cancers detected early are completely cured. Late diagnosis is serious
  •  Know your risk  –  if you are black and over 45, talk to your GP
  •  You may be at greater risk if your father or brother has had it
  •  Knowledge is power – Over 80% of early detected cancer is completely cured

Every man has a legal right to a PSA test at age 50. It must be right that black African/Caribbean men should have this right 5 years earlier, given their increased risk of contracting the disease and the earier age at which they present.

PP Hon President, Tim Sharp with Marland Yarde at Harlequins training centre at Surrey Sports Ground

‘Hear Me Now’ Parliamentary Lobby

We are proud to announce that England and Harlequins rugby international, Marland Yarde has joined the charity as an Ambassador to spearhead a Prostate Project parliamentary lobby to reduce the age at which African/Caribbean men can legally request a PSA test from 50 to 45 years.

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