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Watch our animation demystifying some myths about testing for prostate cancer and encouraging every man over the age of 50 to visit their GP and ask for a PSA blood test:   One of the challenges that many charities face is how to get their message across to different ‘audiences’. Those with large

New appeal to find 3,000 lost men with suspected prostate cancer in Surrey and Sussex

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PURPOSE BUILT SCREENING BUS WILL PROVIDE BOOKED AND DROP IN PSA TESTS. In their first major fundraising drive since joint funding the £6m Stokes Centre for Urology at Royal Surrey Hospital, the Prostate Project has launched a new appeal to raise funds for a PSA (prostate specific antigen) screening vehicle. Provisionally titled the PP Battle

Healthy volunteers needed to help find cure for cancer

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Cancer survivor funds ground-breaking study to find out why cancer returns in some patients and not others. An eminent philanthropist and three-time cancer survivor Dr James Hull has joined forces with six of the world’s leading medical research institutions and scientists across the country to investigate why cancer returns in some people and not others.

PSA test detected symptomless prostate cancer

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Guildford resident, Alan K, aged 74, didn’t have any symptoms when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March of this year following a raised PSA test. “Luckily, I was having regular blood tests at my GP surgery and they tested my PSA levels, but I had no symptoms - no getting up six times in the

Men’s Health Week, 14-20 June 2021

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Men’s Health Week (June 14-20) marks the start of our partnership with the Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance (SSCA) to raise awareness of prostate cancer.   As early prostate cancer often has no symptoms, we want all men to understand the risk categories and to overcome any embarrassment or misconceptions about seeing their GP. Men who

Welcome to our new patron, Felicity Kendall

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The Prostate Project helps men live a ‘Good Life’. We recently welcomed a very special guest to Guildford, none other than our newest patron, Felicity Kendal. A face and voice familiar to millions thanks to her role as Barbara in the Good Life as well as numerous other star turns on stage and screen, Felicity

The Stokes Centre Has Won the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Social Impact Award in Healthcare 2020

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The Stokes Centre for Urology at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust has won the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Social Impact award in Healthcare 2020, thanks to a design aimed at improving the dignity and wellbeing of the many hundreds of prostate and bladder cancer patients who are treated there each year.

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